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Webinar - Patient Population Steps to Prepare for MACRA

Free Webinar - Patient Population Steps to Prepare for MACRA

With the implementation of MACRA approaching, there are steps that health care providers can begin to take now to prepare themselves for the changing legislation.

The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) along with the Consortium of Independent Physician Associations (CIPA), will co-host the live, one-hour webinar on July 21 at noon EST, “Patient Population Steps to Prepare for MACRA."

MACRA makes significant changes to the way Medicare pays physicians, accelerating Medicare’s shift toward value-based payments.  With 2017 as the first year for the recording of baseline performance metrics, providers can take steps to prepare for MACRA now, starting with their current patient population.

The webinar will cover the following:
•    Best practices for the analysis of current patient population
•    How to leverage your population in the context of MACRA
•    Importance of understanding who else is in your community

Real world examples of utilizing patient population data to reduce patient risk, reduce costs, and save administrative time within the practice - will be shared.