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Webinar - MACRA, CPC+ and You - Connecting the Dots

The CPC+ program offers tremendous financial opportunities for primary care. Your CPC+ payments will be affected by certain provisions in the new Quality Payment Program. Some clinicians may receive a bonus, while others may be subject to fee schedule adjustments (plus or minus). Be prepared by understanding how the MIPS and APM programs may impact your CPC+ payments. 

Learn how being a Qualifying Participant, or how defaulting into a MIPS APM status will impact your revenue. This webinar offers CPC+ practices insight into how Quality Payment Program factors may impact CPC+ payments. We will provide guidance on: 

• How CPC+ is different from other Advanced APM models
• How CPC+ participants can default into a MIPS APM
• Criteria that must be met to be a Qualifying APM
• The impact of participating in both CPC+ and Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP)