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Webinar - Kick Start CPC+ Care Delivery Transformation

The CPC+ program is a multifaceted and complex program. Practices best positioned to win are those that can understand requirements and quickly mobilize resources to fast track compliance. Knowing where to start is the greatest challenge and there is no time to lose. This live webinar will provide guidance on: 

• What care delivery requirements to implement first
• How to evaluate which requirements will take more time to implement
• What types of support you may need from an external firm
• What you should look for in an external support firm and when you should engage external support
• How Medical Advantage Group’s CPC+ Solution Can Help You Succeed

Learn what your practice needs to accomplish in Year 1 and why it is essential to get started in your transformation today. The presentation will highlight critical care delivery requirements, duration of implementation for key requirements, and when it is time to seek external support.