eClinicalWorks v10 EHR Suite is a fully unified EHR/PM system that has all of the functionality needed to support practices and enterprise groups of all sizes and specialties. A single database is used to link patient demographics and medical records to insurance, billing, and claims data. These features make this a next-generation EMR, elevating the role of the system from passively collecting information to actively helping providers give the best medical care possible.

Population Health Management. Hundreds of organizations and more than 50 ACOs use eClinicalWorks for managing the health of their communities. Healthcare organizations have a significant opportunity to improve the outcomes with the advent of innovative delivery and payment models tapping into the advances in technology and its adoption. To capitalize on this opportunity, organizations need a solution to measure, benchmark, predict and manage risk, to close the gaps in coordinating care, to manage cost and utilization, to measure and improve clinical quality outcomes, to leverage evidence based care, and to collaborate with care teams and patients. eClinicalWorks is the solution.

Patent Engagement. eClinicalWorks healow provides a suite of tools focused on making communication between providers and patients secure, easy, and convenient.

More detailed information about eClinicalWorks products and services is available at www.eClinicalWorks.com